Thursday, October 30, 2014

Finding Ways to Eat Healthy Mexican Food in Visalia, CA is Possible

Mexican restaurants in Visalia, CA aren’t exactly the go-to options for health-conscious individuals. Many Mexican dishes are presented smothered in cheese and sauces, or are characterized by the abundance of flour in tortilla wraps, nachos and taco shells. However, you don’t have to forego the cuisine entirely. There are still a whole range of healthy menu items to choose from. Most Mexican dishes are American-influenced, which makes people forget that traditional Mexican food isn’t as rich as most restaurants will lead you to believe. A lot of Mexican traditional dishes, after all, actually focus on fresh seafood, beans and vegetables.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mexican Restaurants in Visalia, CA Restoring Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Many areas in the United States are littered with establishments that claim to serve genuine Mexican cuisine. Overly elaborate cocktails, waiters in costumes, and dishes swimming in cheese have become a trademark in most Mexican restaurants in Visalia, CA, but that’s not to say they’re authentic. Many of the Mexican staple foods we enjoy, including hard shell tacos, burritos and nachos are actually “Americanized”.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Taco Terrific: Enjoy Great Tacos at Mexican Restaurants in Visalia, CA

If you’re planning on enjoying great Mexican food in Visalia, CA, you should try out the great mainstay of Mexican food, the humble taco. Consisting of a tortilla partially wrapped around a filling, the taco sounds easy enough to prepare. However, a great cook can turn this simple snack into a flavor-filled treat. Excellent Mexican restaurants in Visalia, CA that take pride in fresh ingredients and traditional recipes, such as Alejandra’s Restaurant, always make sure that only the finest ingredients are introduced into their food-making, and the tortilla is no exception. Depending on the type of taco to be made, either one or the other type of tortilla is used: The soft one, similar to the ones use for burritos, or the more familiar hard-shell tortilla, an American innovation. If you want the traditional taco, go for the soft tortilla ones.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Visalia, CA Mexican Restaurants Serve the Best Dishes Mexico Can Offer

When you’re looking for something different to satisfy your hunger and your wanderlust by checking out the choices out there, why don’t you try the enticing cuisine south of the U.S? Thankfully, Mexican restaurants in Visalia, CA, such as Alejandra’s Restaurant, can deliver tasty samples of the mouth-watering dishes Mexicans have been enjoying for hundreds of years. Enchiladas are just the beginning. Tacos, a perennial favorite, are another dish you can enjoy in the excellent Mexican restaurants in Tulare, CA and nearby Visalia. Usually eaten as a snack or an appetizer, the word “taco” means just that: a “snack.” The original Mexican version uses soft-shell tortillas wrapped around a filling – usually a combination of ground beef, cheese, and lettuce – which is then promptly fried. The American variant uses a hard-shell fried tortilla shaped in a U, where the curve is where the filling gets piled on.