Sunday, February 22, 2015

Several Ways to Enjoy Carne Asada at Mexican Restaurants in Tulare, CA

Mexican food has become a staple in the everyday meal choices of Americans. In fact, one out of ten restaurants in the U.S. serves Mexican food, clearly outshining Italian cuisines, Chinese dishes, and meals from other cultures. Mexican restaurants in Tulare, CA are extremely popular due to offering traditional Mexican food, with carne asada among the specialties. Here’s a little bit of food for thought about carne asada and what makes it great for the next time you get a Mexican food craving. What is carne asada anyway? The term carne asada literally translates to “grilled meat”. It is a traditional dish that is basically a grilled thinly sliced marinated steak. Perhaps one can call it the Mexican counterpart to the American barbecue, but there is a world of difference between the two. Restaurants that serve Mexican food in Tulare, CA make traditional carne asada from skirt steak, a cut of beef that is noted for its flavor and fibers that are not necessarily tender.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Experiencing the Real Deal in a Mexican Restaurant in Visalia, CA

In 1970, renowned food writer Diana Kennedy published the cookbook The Cuisines of Mexico, which distinguished Tex-Mex dishes from authentic Mexican food. The combination of Texan ingredients with traditional Mexican food have evolved into an Americanized cuisine known today as Tex-Mex. In fact, most Mexican dishes that Americans came to love today are not actually the real deal. The term “Tex-Mex” was coined from combining the food traditions of neighbors Texas and Mexico, which earned a lucrative niche in America’s food bowl. Despite the seemingly obscure links between the two cultures, a few restaurants up North still offer traditional Mexican food for the discerning customer. For instance, a Mexican restaurant in Visalia, CA such as Alejandra's Restaurant can serve the classic Mexican taco in the absence of American ingredients.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Top Picks: What to Order at Local Mexican Restaurants in Visalia, CA

There’s nothing like a dinner at one of the many local Mexican restaurants in Visalia, CA like Alejandra's Restaurant to finish off your week. The problem for many first-time goers is the large amount of choices on the menu. This isn’t a Mexican fast food joint with limited choices – when you check the menu of a Mexican restaurant, you’ll be dazzled by the selection. If you’re confused, here are a few of the dishes that you should try out. Quesadilla For an appetizer, try out quesadilla. It should be familiar enough to many since it is part of many fast food menus, considering its easy preparation (a dish of two wheat tortillas with melted cheese in between, sort of a Mexican grilled cheese sandwich). Ordered at a Mexican restaurant, you can be sure that the quesadilla’s ingredients are top-notch and aren’t mere substitutes of the real thing. Moreover, some restaurants offer additional fillings like crabmeat or carne asada, giving your quesadilla an extra kick.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Visalia, CA Mexican Restaurants Deliver a Great Dining Experience

When people think about Mexican food, among the first things that usually pop in their heads are tacos and burritos. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what Mexican cuisine can offer. Mexican restaurants at Visalia, CA like Alejandra's Restaurant can give diners seeking a more comprehensive taste of what Mexican cuisine can offer, which is a lot. First, Mexican food is known for its use of native ingredients. In the past, Mexican cuisine didn’t have a lot of access to meat, cheese, and other European ingredients. This is why corn and beans are a main component of many Mexican dishes; these provide the staple foundation for a lot of meals. These were flavored with chili and other heavy spices, while seafood was the main meat source. The culinary landscape changed greatly when the Spanish arrived; now, meat and cheese, onions, and others added to the riot of flavors that is Mexican cuisine.