Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Debunking Four Common Misconceptions about Mexican Food in Visalia, CA

Mexican cuisine, known for its unique signature of spiciness, enticing presentation and diverse range of flavors and textures, is one of America’s favorites. In fact, ABC News says that there are more Mexican restaurants than Chinese kitchens and Italian bistros in the country—reaching up to 38,000 as of 2011 alone. California is one of the states with the highest numbers of Mexican restaurants, along with New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma. In spite of the popularity of Mexican restaurants, there are still many unfounded notions about Mexican food. Let’s debunk a few of the common misconceptions that keep you from experiencing Mexican food goodness.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Negotiating Business Deals in a Mexican Restaurant in Visalia, CA

Are you about to negotiate a deal for your company? Then, taking your prospect to a corporate meeting in a local Mexican restaurant in Visalia, like Alejandra’s, can actually increase your chances of closing a productive deal. Delighting them with the restaurant’s mouthwatering dishes and relaxing ambience, will certainly make your guest let down his guard and be more open to suggestions. Research shows that breaking bread tend to create trust between parties simply because it’s what you usually do with people you trust. On a biological level, according to a Harvard Business Review article, eating increases the glucose level in the body, which regulates prejudice and aggressive behaviors. Numerous studies, such as one cited in Business Insider, conclude that eating together during meetings can result to parties working collectively to come up with more profitable and mutually beneficial arrangements.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Mexican Restaurants in Visalia, CA: How Margaritas Can Be Good for You

When you’re visiting Mexican restaurants in Visalia, CA for a hearty meal, it’s hard to resist knocking back a refreshing glass or two of margaritas. Almost nothing sounds and tastes better than enjoying the cool and tangy flavors of the classic cocktail with some sumptuous and fiery fajitas. However, the idea of having some alcohol, or a lot of it during happy hour, might discourage you because of health concerns. You don’t have to feel like you’re cheating on your health. In many different ways, you can actually get health benefits from a flavorful glass of margarita. Of course, drinking more than the recommended “moderate” amount (1-2 drinks a day) and practicing bad habits while drinking (e.g. not eating before your cocktail) can be harmful, but with the right discipline, you can enjoy your drink and its potential health benefits.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Mexican Restaurants in Visalia, CA: Food and Cocktail Pairings to Try

When you experience a craving for Mexican cuisine, have it satisfied in authentic Mexican restaurants in Visalia, CA. There’s certainly no better alternative to indulging in the flavorful food and festive drinks that these establishments offer. Enjoy the mix of fresh and savory ingredients that are distinctly found in Mexican food and the refreshing beverages you can complement them with. Aside from the delectable quality of these ingredients, they’re also quite healthful, which means you can eat Mexican dishes with more pleasure than guilt. Some of the staple components of the cuisine are beans and salsa, which are packed with vitamins and minerals. The beans also provide you some protein and lower your cholesterol levels, while the salsa has antioxidant properties that are great for the heart.