Monday, April 13, 2015

Negotiating Business Deals in a Mexican Restaurant in Visalia, CA

Are you about to negotiate a deal for your company? Then, taking your prospect to a corporate meeting in a local Mexican restaurant in Visalia, like Alejandra’s, can actually increase your chances of closing a productive deal. Delighting them with the restaurant’s mouthwatering dishes and relaxing ambience, will certainly make your guest let down his guard and be more open to suggestions. Research shows that breaking bread tend to create trust between parties simply because it’s what you usually do with people you trust. On a biological level, according to a Harvard Business Review article, eating increases the glucose level in the body, which regulates prejudice and aggressive behaviors. Numerous studies, such as one cited in Business Insider, conclude that eating together during meetings can result to parties working collectively to come up with more profitable and mutually beneficial arrangements.

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