Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Did You Know That Mexican Restaurants May Be Hindering Weight Gain?

"Sometimes, it takes a hardened soul to gorge on certain types of food and still come out satisfied. One such type is Mexican cuisine, which has a serious reputation for being spicy. While people of lesser constitution may prefer eating something that does not have much spice, those attracted to Mexican cuisine find something about the richness of spice that makes them come back for more. Food lovers in Visalia, CA, are among the people who relish the challenge of hot spices. With approximately 41% of the city’s 122,000 population being of Hispanic/Latino origin, heavily spiced food is intrinsic to their culture. It is no surprise, then, that dishes prepared in Mexican restaurants in the city are uniquely different and authentic, such as Alejandra’s Restaurant on West Main. "

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