Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mole Poblano: The Mexican Food with a Blend of Spices and Chocolates

You might be thinking that a chicken dish topped with a sauce made of chilies and chocolates already spells a recipe for disaster, but this is not the case for the mole poblano. This is perhaps among the most complicated Mexican dish to prepare, with its long list of ingredients and its equally long and numerous steps, but what will emerge from this seemingly onerous task is a delightful dish that perfectly encapsulates everything about Mexico. Most food enthusiasts even say that mole poblano is one type of food that legends are made of, despite its complicated and time-consuming procedures. In the wrong hands, mole poblano might turn out a disastrous concoction, but fortunately there are expert Mexican food chefs close to home that can achieve the perfect blend of the dish’s trademark blend of spices and Mexican chocolate bitter sweetness.

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